Teaching Medieval History

So we missed January, but we’re going to make it up for it by having an extra large dose this February.  What I am presenting here is a series of thoughts about teaching and some specifics about how I organize my Introduction to Medieval Studies course.  Starting in 2011, I created a handful of lectures for students in podcast form (some with a little bit of video, some with only still images, but all with at least slides that I occassionally mention in the lectures themselves.)  Even when we had in class presentations, people liked the ability to go back and listen to the lectures when they wanted.  I will be putting up all the lectures I have yet produced here.  There will be a couple of them missing, but for the most part, it will be a complete set running from the end of Rome up through the end of the Medieval Period (whenever that exactly means.)  The tone of the lectures is somewhat different than the usual history cafe podcast and as such the listening will be somewhat different.  For February, I will start with the political history, but then in March I will return to a regular old podcast.

Since this is a multi-course item, I won’t have specific dishes to go with each podcast.  The introduction is probably something like a salad plate, so here’s the Marlboro College salad bar.  Obviously you get to choose exactly what goes on the plate.


Adam Franklin-Lyons

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