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Is there something you’d like to hear us talk about?  Send in a request to:


And I’ll do one of a couple of things: I will go record a podcast straight away if it’s something I know about.  If not, I’ll ask around and see if I know any experts on the topic who would be willing to chat about it, or I’ll go do some research and get back to you with what I find!

If you have a general question or comment about the cite or any other broad question that is not a specific podcast request, or you just feel like writing an e-mail, I can be reached at:


3 thoughts on “Special Requests”

  1. Please do a podcast on the 9th Century pre-Protestant, Augustinian monk Gottschalk “of Orbais” who spent 20 years in prison for beliefs which are very near to those of Augustine and later of Peter Martyr Vermigli or Martin Luther. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for writing. What strikes me as most interesting to do is to do one about the question of predestination and the difficulties it caused theologically generally. I’ll focus it on Gottschalk himself and include some of the particular questions he brings up…it sounds like a good idea.
    Thanks – I’ll try to get to it, but I have a couple projects almost done at the moment.

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