Guest Chefs

These are short bios and sometimes links to the various individuals I have interviewed for the podcasts.  Not every show has a guest for interviewing, but when they do, I will put their name here along with a link to any of the podcasts they have appeared in.

Lauren Mancia

Lauren is assistant professor of Medieval History at Brooklyn College in New York City (alright…it’s in Brooklyn – I know that’s different), where she teaches both the medieval history and the history of Christianity.  Her specialties include art history, different forms of piety, and liturgy, all of which she talks about in her excellent podcast on affective piety.  She is also the main guest for our “medievalists visit the Met” podcast min-series.

Timothy Little

Tim was the history professor at Marlboro College before me – working for over three decades and sponsoring hundreds (literally) of senior projects (called “plans.”)  He originally focused on England and Ireland in the Early Modern Period, but over such a long career, he came to teach almost anything.  Tim Little talked to us about Charles de Galle in a two part series.

William Guast

Will served as the Classics Fellow at Marlboro for two years from 2010-2012.  He taught Greek, Latin, and Roman history, as well as Roman epic poetry during his time here.  He talked to us about the Roman emperor Nero.

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