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Hello and Welcome to The History Cafe,

This podcast should be accessible to anyone with a general interest in historical writing.  I will cover topics largely about European history, although I’m happy to entertain requests about almost anything.  The podcast will update once a month with a new episode.  I started the casts when a couple of students suggested to me that it would be fun to listen to short historical presentations – whether or not it was a good idea, we will see.

The Team:

Your Host: Adam Franklin-Lyons

Normally, I work as a history professor at Marlboro College, teaching a wide variety of material from the later Roman Empire up to parts of the twentieth century.  My research specialties include the history of agriculture, famine, poverty, and the Mediterranean.  If I get a special request in an area I don’t know a lot about, I’ll find someone who does.

Theme Music: Stan Charkey and Matan Rubinstein

Both professors of music at Marlboro College, and professional composers.  Stan plays the lute and has long specialized in Renaissance music; Matan is a talented jazz piano player and new to the faculty, although teaching at Marlboro, they will both teach almost anything.  Matan wrote the theme music for interviews with guests unless otherwise specified.  Stan Charkey performed the other theme music – J. S. Bach’s Gamba Sonata No. 1 (BWV 1027), Alegro, ma non tanto – with Oren Fader on Electric Guitar, Mike Harrist on Bass, and Stan himself on a seven string electric lute.  Matan has also helped frequently with recording, editing, and mastering assistance.

Web Assistance: Elliot Anders and Tobias Gelston

These two work here at Marlboro as the web developer and the registrar/academic technology coordinator, respectively, and have answered more questions about web design and blogging for me than I can count.  Elliot also makes sure that my wordpress does what I want it to do (which is always more work than I think it is).

I would also like to thank the many guests who have taken their time to prepare material for me, and Marlboro College for hosting the website.  The page is built using wordpress, and with the Twenty-Fourteen theme.  At the end of the day, any mistakes in web design, production, information, or really anything, are my own – do let me know if you see a bad one and I’ll correct it.

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  1. Congratulations, Adam, this is looking great. And it is making me really hungry, both for dinner and for more history.
    Good for you–

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