Welcome to the History Cafe

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These are a set of podcasts (and sometimes recipes!?) prepared by myself, Adam Franklin-Lyons, along with a variety of guests on various topics in history.  The food theme is only for the website, not for the history itself.  I do study some food history and there will be podcasts about it, but it is more for the enjoyment of the topic than as a governing concept.  In general, the podcasts will focus on European History.

All of the podcasts can be accessed through the Menu on the left.  The themes range from short vignettes or insteresting historical tidbits (coffee and pastries), to medium length presentations (sandwiches), to extended discussions or explorations of larger historical narratives (full meals.)  Anytime the topic really gets large enough or starts to have multiple parts, I will break them off as a “multi-course banquet.”
Links to other blogs or content that I use and enjoy routinely can be found under “side dishes.”

Part of the goal of this series is to respond to the interest of the listeners.  I can find people to interview on a wide variety of topics and I am always willing and interested in taking requests.  So please, do you want a short lecture on a particular topic that you’ve always been curious about?  Are you a teacher of any sort looking for good content about a particular questions?  Let us know.

I always appreciate feedback and I hope you enjoy listening.