Driving Green

IMG_7130croppedWhat better place to share a car than a tucked-away college campus where there is limited public transportation and few personal vehicles? At least that was the thinking behind making Marlboro College a location for a U Haul Car Share, an initiative spearheaded by writing professor Kyhl Lyndgaard and the rest of the Environmental Quality Committee. Marlboro sophomore Brandon Batham, pictured here with Kyhl and his fuzzy green son Lars, is the first student intern for the new car share program.

carshareHow does it work? After becoming a member for $25, students and other community members can schedule the car in advance of using it, for which they pay about $5 per hour. All this happens on line at www.ucarshare.com, which is accessible at any time. You can sign up to use the car, a Toyota Prius, that same afternoon or a month away, as long as it is available. Just be sure to return the car to the visitor’s parking lot. For a fuel-efficient ride to the airport or an evening out shared among friends, this little car should make a big difference to students with cabin fever.

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