Sochi Schmochi

Starting-LinecropI mean, why travel thousands of miles to stay in half-finished hotels with double toilets and get accosted by three-legged dogs, only to see skiers race through their event before the snow turns to fog, when you can enjoy winter sports in Vermont? I’m talking about that pinnacle of winter sports, the Wendell-Judd Cup, where skiers from around the world but especially from within a 10-mile radius come to compete against each other and the elements and—in my case—against a general sluggishness caused by eating too much mac’n’cheese.

Race-BeginsThanks probably to the long lines in Sochi and to near-nirvana conditions in Vermont, there was a record turnout at the Wendell-Judd Cup this year, with a multitudinous 76 skiers and snowshoers registering and another estimated 20 sneaking onto the course for the shear fun of it. The fastest skiers, or as I call them, “the show-offs who did not eat too much mac’n’cheese,” were led by Brattleboro Outing Club skier Tim Whitney, at 43 minutes and 21 seconds, soon followed by alumnus Dwight Holmes ’94 and Lilac Ridge farmer Ross Thurber.

The fastest woman on skis was Diana Whitney, who gave her hubby Tim a run for his money at 47 minutes and 9 seconds, followed by the OP’s first lady Debby Dorsett and student Liza Mitrofanova. In the youth category, Nolen Holmes, lightning lad of Dwight Holmes and Bonny White ’85, came in at 55 minutes 47 seconds, or faster than you can say “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Yours truly and the rest of the “comfort food” category came in generally after people with watches were paying close attention. I intimated that skiers came from around the world, and I wanted to give special recognition to Abdel Izem, representing Morocco, who broke both of his poles trying to extricate himself from the deep snow on South Pond and skied the rest of the way without poles.

IMG_3734 copyBut that’s not all, because while this snow-spangled fun was happening in Marlboro, a stalwart team of Marlboro students traveled to Putney for a much-anticipated game of basketball against rival Landmark College. With only one sub on the Marlboro team, and the first full-court game they’ve played this year, they managed to tie Landmark at halftime, 22 to 22. The fans were going wild, and the Marlboro team showed them what fancy footwork and dribbling and pump fakes could be achieved with the benefit of a demanding liberal arts curriculum, but in the end they “lost” by two points, 48 to 46. All this olympic-style glory and clean drinking water too.


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  1. ah, I was regrettably out of town and did not partake. wish there’s been a pick of Abdel Izem!! more photographers in the bushes next year pls

  2. Liza! How weird, I was just wondering what she was up to and here’s an article about her. Is there any way I can say hello?

    – John

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