Keeping Bizzy

IMG_7632cropI know you’re probably thinking that Marlboro is basking in the hot, sultry, humid idleness of a Vermont summer, and you would be right about the hot, sultry, humid part. But things are still humming along here, with the summer programs going full tilt, the maintenance department fixing everything that sits still long enough, and Marlboro Music participants playing breves and semibreves and hemidemisemiquavers everywhere you turn. I mean, you can barely hear yourself think about whether existence precedes essence with all the humming going on. But there’s one particular humming that out-hums the rest, and that’s the humming coming from the greenhouse.

IMG_7628croppedAs part of her Plan of Concentration in visual arts and biology, Shyloh Favreau explored the hummy world of bees, including the installation of an exhibition hive in the greenhouse. Holy honey, Batman, you have never seen anyone so busy as a hive of honey bees on exhibition, doing their round dance and waggle dance and tremble dance and I swear I saw some of them doing “Gangnam Style.” If you ever think you are being wonderfully industrious, like, writing a whole paper on Virginia Woolf in a single night or something, come down to the greenhouse and check these little buzzers out for a dose of humility. While they are busy this summer building labyrinths of wax and pollen and honey and larvae, more labyrinths than I have managed in my whole life, they are also pollenating all the veggies in the garden in their spare time.

IMG_7625lcSpeaking of busy, Shyloh also did some awesome, beautifully buzzing  bee-motif tiles for the greenhouse ceiling, inspired by her class trip to Turkey last spring to study ceramic tiles in Seljuk and Ottoman mosques and mausoleums. We don’t expect any empires to follow or anything, but just one more amazing example of the impact one Marlboro student can have on life and times up here on th’ Hill.


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