Will You Be My Lasagna?

heartYou know what I really like about Marlboro students, besides the fact that they can clearly articulate the difference between post-modernism and post-structuralism and Post Grape Nuts? What I really like is that they give a darn. I mean, sure, they can wax all theoretical about conceptual art or Martin Heidegger’s “hermeneutic circle,” but they also put their heart and soul into more immediate, practical concerns. I’m not just talking about the espresso machine at the coffee shop or the broomball tournament—they care about the world. I stumbled on an example of this in the dining hall, where a group of students was up to their elbows in tomato sauce and cheese.

IMG_7253 copyStudents in the World Studies Program were working with Susie Belleci, associate director of world studies, to make two big pans of the most awesomest-looking lasagna this side of Sardinia. This was much more than a lesson in world cuisine—the students were making the yummy lasagna to share with local community members at Morningside Shelter, in Brattleboro. Morningside is the only homeless shelter in southeastern Vermont, and a blessing for people in the area who have fallen on tough times. Residents typically cook for themselves, but on Thursdays other community members are invited to share with them, and what better day to share than Valentine’s Day? These Marlboro students are learning that, like love, lasagna is something when you give it away.


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