Families Occupy Marlboro

Last Saturday, hoards of impassioned family members took to the paths and lawns of Marlboro, chanting things like “Occupy South Road!” and “We’re the 99 percent for liberal arts!” and “What do we want—grilled cheese. When do we want it—now!” They didn’t really chant, of course, but there was a fairly large-scale invasion of moms, dads, sisters and brothers who brightened up a gray day on campus for Family Day. They ate meals together, pressed cider together, watched a soccer game together and generally got a sense of what living in the People’s Republic of Marlboro is all about.

A highlight for many parents was the chance to hear directly from the remarkable and colorful and clever faculty members they hear so much about. Literature professor Geraldine Pittman de Batlle and students talked about the Plan process, anthropology professor Carol Hendrickson talked about global study opportunities, politics professor talked about African studies and writing professor John Sheehy talked about, duh, writing. Biology professor Jaime Tanner and chemistry professor Todd Smith took parents through a hands-on activity in the DNA lab, and Chinese language professor Grant Li talked about languages at Marlboro. I mean, even the new music professor Matan Rubinstein got into the action and talked about Le Invisibili, his modular composition for electronic sounds and chamber ensemble that can be combined 27,300 ways if you are very, very patient.

This amazing day wrapped up with the latest installment of Queen City Radio, produced and directed by film studies professor Jay Craven. This variety show of music and comedy, recorded for later broadcast, included episodes of Slender Picken’s Rural Dating & Mating Service, Congressman Rivet’s Fireside Apologies, Alexander Graham Bell’s Second Phone Call and special musical guest Antje Duvekot. A highlight for students was the reappearance of Amber Schaefer ’10 as part of the performance. In the end, Family Day was just like any other very busy day on campus, but without the homework.