Summer Schooling

Okay, I suppose most Marlboro students are not missing the faculty members so much this summer. I mean, they are way too busy doing life-changing service-learning projects or traveling to Tibet or catching up on their Nietzche or working on their tans. But for those of us who are still rattling around on campus, and who miss bumping into the faculty now and then, there is always radio. Just yesterday I bumped into politics professor Meg Mott on WAMC, the Albany public radio station. Meg, of course always good for a witty insight into current events, is one of four Marlboro professors who are appearing on WAMC’s Academic Minute show this summer and fall.

What earth-shaking development was dear Meg talking about? Oil spills? No. Health care reform? No. Immigration laws? No. She was talking about Monopoly—that’s right the game. Apparently, and only the amazing Meg would know this kind of thing, Monopoly was invented with the intention of revealing the perilous dangers of unregulated markets. She didn’t say this, but the implication was that a good number of corporate CEOs and government legislators did not quite glean this valuable lesson from the game in their formative years. They were perhaps like my older sister, who only admitted to me when we were adults that she had cheated, one of the advantages to being the—ahem—banker.

You can hear the amazing Meg herself at the WAMC website.

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