On the Hill

You know the flip saying, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” I’m here to tell you that you don’t find people using this cliché metaphor for debating useless subjects here at Marlboro. Okay, maybe we’re just not into clichés in general, but I think it’s because we are willing to debate just about anything. Despite this penchant for dialectical reasoning, nobody questioned it when we asked, once again, “How many college community members can you fit on the hill below the library?” As always, the answer was “all of them.”

The community photo is as much a tradition at Marlboro as broomball, the cookie drawer, Apple Days and midnight breakfast. It’s sort of a yearly rite of passage, a visual confirmation that we all made it through the long winter together and we’re going to be fine, a 10-minute vision quest with 300 other giggling people jockeying for position on a sunny slope. For a magical instant everyone is quiet, which is saying a lot with this chatty crowd, waving and smiling like loons at the camera on the top floor of Dalrymple. It really was a beautiful spring day, and the temptation was to freeze that frame, just stay on that slope, lounging on the dandelions like a herd of Holsteins. All too soon it was time to move onto another rite of passage, this time a much noisier one, known as Work Day.



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