History Speaks for Itself

Ah, spring: when the daffodils bloom and the robins sing and there are so many events going on at Marlboro it is difficult to find time to eat or sleep. Seriously. This past weekend alone, there was a solo performance by former Daily Show correspondent Lauren Weedman, a live variety radio show exploring the tensions of motherhood, an epic seven-hour celebration of historian Howard Zinn, a live action role-playing (LARP) game dramatizing a nuclear terrorism crisis, the opening reception of a photography exhibit by senior Lucy DeLaurentis and, ironically, a concert of devotional flute music for whirling dervishes. That’s not even mentioning the many impromptu jam sessions, four-square games, watermelon seed-spitting contests and iconoclastic banter that is the life blood of campus. It’s enough to make mortal soul wonder if there is any place better to be, unless they need to eat or sleep.

My favorite event was the Howard Zinn celebration, honoring the life of the influential author and activist who died in January. It included an amazing production of The People Speak, dramatic readings inspired by Howard’s seminal book, A People’s History of the United States, performed by Marlboro students and faculty and directed by junior Branden Grant. Junior Nate Hohl made a convincingly pissed John Brown, junior Devin Green (above) recited Allen Ginsberg’s poetry like it was his very own edginess and sophomore Grace Leathrum (right) kicked some hawkish butt as antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan. Sophomores Gina Ruth and Ellie Roark gave everyone chills down their Kent State spines with an a capella version of Neil Young’s “Ohio.” Howard would have been proud.

For more about the event, or other events in April, check out the events calendar.¬†You can also find Howard Zinn’s talk at Marlboro College in 2004, titled “Terrorism and War: a Historical Perspective,” as well as lots of other cool stuff, on our YouTube channel.



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