Charter Sign Off

On Friday, December 2, 2011, Dean Hurlock, my Sponsor, signed the Charter.

Project Schedule – work in progress

Learned how to use dependencies in LiquidPlanner; creating the schedule is taking longer than I anticipated.

Risk Categorization – revised

I added the revised Prospectus Risk document to the Project Management page.


I added the DICE®Assessment to the Change Management page.

Change Management Plan – revised

I added Section III:1 – 2 (and updated Section II Item 1 and 4) to the Change Management page.

Charter Review

11/23/11 – Met with Timothy Hurlock, Sponsor, to review Charter. He commented about need for “relocation of IT” to appear in both “Business Risks” and “Assumptions and Dependencies” sections.

Then he focused in on the words, “There is a risk of loss of Internet service…” in item #6 of “Business Risks” and asked if this . . . → Read More: Charter Review

Notes for 11/12/11 – 11/22/11

11/12/11 – Participated in largest Capstone Fair (20 Capstones). Everyone was eager to help everyone else in the room. I received some good feedback from Mike Hoefer, my Program Advisor. Thank you, Mike.

11/15/11 – Met with Duncan Morris, Fiscal Administrative Officer, to discuss tradespeople needed for this project. He thanked me for including him . . . → Read More: Notes for 11/12/11 – 11/22/11

Web Content Implemented

I completed the content for the Main Telecommunication Move Project web site this evening. I switched from the WordPress TwentyEleven theme to the TwentyTen theme because its appearance and feature set were a closer match with my needs.

Since the site is hosted on, maintenance items including site backups are done automatically. Also, the . . . → Read More: Web Content Implemented

Change Management Plan – revised

I added section II:1 – 5 (and updated section I: 11) to the Change Management page.

Project Timeline – revised

I updated the timeline on the Project Timeline page.


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