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Audio – Hello World

Yes, it's a good idea to read the manual, no matter how smart you think you are.

Yes, it’s a good idea to read the manual, no matter how smart you think you are.

This week I’m playing with audio. I borrowed some equipment from school: I got an audio-technica ATR6550 shotgun microphone, a Roland Edirol R-09 MP3 voice recorder, and an audio-technica Pro 88W/T Wireless VHS microphone set-up which didn’t work for me and gave up using. I also fooled around with some applications for my iPhone. I settled on TapMedia’s Recorder and the free version of LiveBird Technologies’ Voice Recorder.

The Edirol recorder worked fine. I had to learn how to use the menu system to format my SD card and had trouble with the powered mic setting as the user’s manual steered me wrong here and there, but I was able to use it successfully. Exporting the files was painless.

The Roland R-09 Edirol is, at times, inappropriately judgmental.

The Roland R-09 Edirol is, at times, inappropriately judgmental.

The first recordings I did were with the shotgun mic and the Edirol recorder:

Then I tried the same set-up again with the blanket test in mind (w/o blanket):

Then I recorded my voice with a blanket over my head:

The last test was taking my iPhone outside in the wind:

And then I used Audacity to trim three of the files and combine them into one:

Color Tools • Adobe Color CC

As part of an assignment for my web design course I’ve been asked to provide a working link to one or more color palettes I like using a color picker like color-hex or Color Scheme Designer, or another tool I prefer. I’ve chosen Adobe’s Color CC.

To find my pallet I searched for a recent picture that pleased me and used that picture to create a pallet using Adobe’s tool. I chose a picture of some hot peppers that I recently pickled and put it through the pallet generator:


The generator chose five colors to use as my pallet for any design that I may do with this image. I’m actually quite pleased with the way this came out. If I were to use this pallet to create a label for the jar I could easily see using these colors. Interestingly, one of my favorite colors is sky blue, and it happened to get picked up by the reflection off of the top of the jar. Most of the colors are warm, and I find that the effect fits with something that I would associate with hot peppers – a south western sensibility – coincidentally, an ‘adobe’ feel to the pallet.

I’ve learned that if I did create this label, I would do my work in RGB and when I was ready to print I would save the image into CMYK – and to not move back and forth between file types so as to prevent loss.


I saved the pallet in Creative Cloud. I used an ancient log-in. I think I’ll open an updated account.

Search for an Open Source/Free HTML Editor


I’ve used DreamWeaver as my default HTML editor for over 15 years. I really don’t like it, but I know it, so I use it, but I’m on the search for something new. I found, Atom. Atom is open source, therefore free, from Github.

I think Atom may have too much horsepower for me – I want something more simple…

I could use an online editor, which seems workable, but maybe too light and it’s way ugly.


So I’ve decided to try AptanaStudio3. It seems a little more manageable to me, but still way complicated for my skill level. Does anyone else have an idea for something a little more simple?