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The sun came out today and I’m glad. It really does make everything here look so much better.

This is all pretty rough – I need titles and better ‘cutting’ and a little more material – I want to do at least one more onion shoot – I was on my way when the card got full and I lost my sun.

I don’t like most of the music I hear with many instructional videos, but I think that it needs some. My son wrote the piece a long time ago. Please comment on music and all else. Don’t be afraid to ‘cut deep.’ Thanks…

Side by side – without sun and with:

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-7-45-07-pm   screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-7-48-12-pm

No Sun:


5 thoughts on “Instructional Video

  1. Joe

    John, I like the music. I think it is a good choice for the video. The volume is also good. I really like how the sound of the cutting of the onions and garlic came through. The scraping of the knife on the board sounds great! The lighting is also excellent! I would consider some sort of voice over explaining what you are doing. Perhaps, how to hold your fingers so they don’t get cut.

    1. John Donaldson Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Yeah, the instructional part hasn’t come yet – I’m still trying to decide how to put that in – I’m not sure it has to be a voice over – there’s not much to say beyond using the knife as a saw, not a guillotine, and to keep your fingertips under your knuckles, but it might have to be voiced – not sure yet. I’ve just been focussing on the look and the equipment so far.

      I’m glad you like the music – sometimes I think music can sometimes subtract more than add.

  2. Kathy

    Funny, John, I could almost smell the garlic and onions! Like Joe, I liked the sound of the knife scraping the cutting board; I also liked the music.

    Initially, I found myself waiting to hear your voice come in at some point for the direct instruction, [yes, as in how not to cut your fingers!] but, was also pleasantly surprised to just see a how to video that had no verbal instruction. I thought the lighting was good too.

  3. Rachelle Ackerman

    I also like the music and think it fits very well with the theme. Love the clear sound of the knife on the board. Lighting is very nice–stark contrast between the natural sunlight or not! The color is so much richer with the natural light. I can’t decide if I want verbal instruction or not. I did keep thinking in my head, “he’s doing the claw grip!” which I learned at a farm to school conference as the proper way to teach kids how to cut. I’m jealous of your sharp knife. Must get ours sharpened soon! The only thing I would say by way of constructive criticism is that your first and third garlic examples seemed to be the same technique. That was confusing, because it seemed like you were demonstrating how to achieve different effects with the garlic (sliced, then diced) and I couldn’t tell why you went back to slicing again. Perhaps it would be more effective to show a second technique with the onion and cut the third garlic. Or if it is different, make it more obvious how it’s different.

  4. Jasmin Doty

    Hi John, you really did have an excellent lighting! Natural light makes everything look so good, the music you chose is also pleasing to the ears. I usually just smash garlic to peel the skin off then chop them into little pieces but slicing them like you did will produce a uniform cut and sizes. Like Kathy, I was also anticipating to hear your voice but text displays I think are also a great alternative to VO.


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