Parker Emmerson: Making Music Online

By Shannon Haaland ’17

parkeremmerson2 copy“My inspiration for the website occurred when we were about to leave high school, and my band was no longer going to be able to play together,” Writes Parker Emmerson ’10, who did his Plan in psychology and philosophy. “That was right around the time of the Facebook explosion, so we were influenced by the idea of a social network.”

Parker’s website,, is a place were musicians of any background can work with other musicians around the world to “promote, distribute, sell, and license their music online.” Musicians can produce and select a version of their song to be published, exchange tracks, and networking to make them collaborative projects. Parker received the patent for his website earlier this year.

“The website has the potential to transform the music industry by shaking up who gets heard, giving a platform to new artists with new styles who have not been acknowledged by traditional media routes,” said Parker. When he is not transforming the music industry he works for the largest catering operation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He started out as a delivery driver, then as a cashier, and now is manager of the catering department. His job includes marketing and advertisements using mathematically generated scroll-like designs like the ones he used in his Plan project at Marlboro.

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