Kelly Baur: Filming social issues in Chile

By Christian Lampart ’16

In January, Kelly Baur ’08 will be studying economics and preparing a documentary film at the Universidad de Concepcion in Chile, with support from a Rotary International’s Ambassadorial Scholarship. Kelly’s documentary will focus on the environmental and social costs of the Chilean paper pulp industry.

“I studied economics and film at Marlboro, and I’m decidedly sticking with that combination in Chile,” said Kelly who produced a film about German reunification called “What Revolution?” “Ideally my past studies at Marlboro will help inform the content for my documentary in Chile.”

Since graduating, Kelly spent three years teaching German, economics and math at a non-traditional high school in Portland, Oregon. She also taught German at the pre-school and kindergarten levels and taught English in Chile for a summer.

Three years ago Kelly moved out to her family farm in Washington, where she now manages her pear orchard and garden (pictured above) and prepares for her Chile adventure—in other words, she says, she’s “funemployed.” She has made good use of her time, visiting and bringing resources to women in jail, organizing with the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, volunteering with high school exchange students and teaching English at the day-labor hire site in Portland. After Chile, Kelly is considering pursuing work as a documentary filmmaker or teaching Spanish in the U.S.

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