Eva Baisan: Teaching and temple-painting in Japan

By Christian Lampart ’16

“My real passion is working in communities where there is more immediate need,” explains Eva Baisan ’12. To gain experience working internationally, Eva is teaching English at five public schools in Japan through Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET), a Japanese government program. “During high school I studied abroad in Japan, and years later, I met several people connected to Marlboro who had taught through the JET Program as well, who later encouraged me to apply for the job.”

Each day Eva is at a different school teaching students in either seventh, eighth or ninth grade. “The best thing about my work, hands-down, is the rowdy kids. Some classes are absolutely wild, but we have such a great time. And even on days when my classes haven’t gone well, I’ve always had a great moment with a kid that’s made my day.”

When not teaching, Eva spends a lot of time planning lessons, painting at a nearby temple, chatting up the ladies at the octopus dough ball stand, taking yoga and hula classes, festival hopping, teaching adults English, hiking on the nearby ancient pilgrimage trails or searching for fake mustaches at the 100¥ store. After Japan, she hopes to spend time teaching English in migrant communities in the U.S. and Mexico.

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