Chris Boyle: Exploring culture with kids in Armenia

By Christian Lampart ’16

“I’ve wanted to serve in the Peace Corps since I was in the eighth grade,” says Chris Boyle ’10, who is teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Berd, Armenia. “I like traveling, languages and culture, and as I learned more about those three things at Marlboro, I thought why not live somewhere else for two years? I don’t regret it, and I am happy to follow something I’ve always thought about doing.”

After working at the schools for a few hours in the daytime and planning lessons in the evenings, Chris integrates into the local community and practices his Armenian with his neighbors over coffee.

“Adjusting to a new country can be stressful. You may not have all the comforts you are used to having in the States. You are always surrounded by people speaking in a different language, and there are so many cultural differences. These factors, among others, could leave you feeling lonely and sad sometimes. However, when you know you have kids looking forward to seeing you, it makes everything more worth it”

Chris feels positive that his Peace Corps experience will open doors for him in the future. “I will have more opportunities to travel or work abroad, or maybe I will return to the States and teach. What matters now is to enjoy and learn from this experience.”

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