Emily Field: Helping the homeless and beyond

By Molly Booth ’13

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do after school, and figured this would be a fun place to think about it,” said Emily Field ’11. She works as a shift supervisor at the St. Elizabeth Emergency Shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Emily keeps the homeless shelter clean and in working order—but that’s just the job description.

“Really, what I do is spend time with friends that I value beyond belief.” Emily loves to interact with the people who stay at the busy shelter—“Everyone has a different story. For a Marlboro alum like me, someone who hates it when things get predictable, this is ideal.”

Emily’s Plan focused on writing, and she has discovered how those skills translate to her job. “Because I spend so much time thinking of other people’s stories and how to write them, I am able to listen to people for long periods of time without getting bored or trying to tell them my own story.” Her writing skills have also helped in her work as a legal assistant for another shelter.

For Emily’s next step, she’s considering a law degree, editing jobs or becoming a kayak tour guide. “Who says you have to stick with one line of work? Marlboro sure never taught me that.”


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