Brady Godwin: Exploring the otter side of the mountains

By Molly Booth ’13

“I float down beautiful western rivers with my dog and get to take pictures of pronghorn, foxes, moose, coyotes, eagles and occasionally even an odd otter or two.” Brady Godwin ’08 isn’t describing a vacation adventure; he’s describing fieldwork for his master’s program in zoology and physiology at the University of Wyoming, studying river otters in Wyoming’s Green River basin. “When I crawl out of a tent in the morning and chase off a moose, or see a Wyoming sunset without another soul for miles I think, ‘This is my job.’”

While Brady’s Plan was in conservation biology, it doesn’t directly relate to his master’s work on otters. But he has found his Marlboro education was excellent preparation for the demand of graduate work.  “The amount of reading, writing and organization it takes for Plan is very similar to grad school. Also, the one-on-one meetings with my Plan advisors really helped me learn how to get the most out of quick meetings with very busy graduate advisors.”

After completing his program, Brady hopes to find a job with an environmental consulting firm or organization that reaches out to the public. “My studies at Marlboro really made me realize the need for good communicators to explain ecology to the general public.”


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