Rapid Reviews: 50 books in 50 minutes! Thu 5/8, 3 pm

No more pencils, sure, but no more books? That isn’t how it works at Marlboro, where we celebrate the end of the school year by gearing up to read right through the summer. It’s time for another Rapid Reviews! Come hear students Phoebe Lumley and Courtney Varga, staff accountant Stephen Sirum, library director Emily Alling, and sociology professor Kat Rickenbacker each review 10 of their all-time favorite books in a minute or less per book. The eclectic assortment of titles will be available to borrow at the end of the event. Milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies/baked goods (including vegan and gluten free options) will be served. Join us in the Apple Tree at 3:00 p.m. this Thursday (May 8), and bring a book on break.

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