Say hello to EBSCO eBook Academic: 125,000+ academic ebooks

Over the summer, the library said goodbye to ebrary and hello to a new ebook collection: EBSCO’s eBook Academic Collection, which is a bit of a mouthful, but which gives us access to more books (125,000 to ebrary’s 75,000) and which garnered very positive feedback when we asked faculty and students to test it out last spring.

EBSCO iconSome things to know about EBSCO eBooks:

  • You can search and read the full text of over 125,000 academic books from across most disciplines.
  • When you search the library’s EBSCOHost databases as a group, ebooks will now show up in your results along with articles, dissertations, and more.
  • Most of the ebooks in the collection can be downloaded to most devices (not Kindles, unfortunately). The first time through is a little complicated. We have prepared¬†detailed instructions, and we’re also happy to help — just stop by the library service desk!
  • Some ebook activities (like downloading) require you to create a MyEBSCOHost account. This is an account set up directly between you and EBSCO; the library can’t recover your password for you. Be sure to make a note of your account info!
  • Most ebooks let you print a limited number of pages (60 seems common); the limit is determined by the publisher.

We hope you find some useful information in EBSCO eBook Academic Collection. We welcome suggestions for a good nickname for this collection. And we always welcome questions and feedback — email; call x221 (802-258-9221); or stop by the Service Desk when we’re staffed.

Happy reading!

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