Limited-time access to trial databases: don’t miss out!

Springtime often finds the library setting up database trials — free, limited-time opportunities to try out academic search engines and collections.

We’ve got a few trials in the works. The first two are now live and consist of historical newspaper collections.

Proquest Historical Newspapers provides the full-text (original page images) of major world newspapers from their beginnings until a few years ago. Included in our trial are:


  • The New York Times¬†(1851-2009);
  • The Globe and Mail (1844-2009);
  • The Guardian (1821-2003);
  • The Observer (1791-2003);
  • The Irish Times (1859-2011);
  • The Weekly Irish Times¬†(1876-1958); and
  • The Scotsman (1817-1950).



Gale NewsVault contains the full text of a number of 17th-19th century British and U.S. newspapers and magazines. This trial lasts only a week, so if you’re interested, try it now!

Yet to come: a trial of a major ebook collection that might give ebrary a run for its money — watch this space for updates.

You can always access all of our current trials by visiting the library homepage and clicking Database Trials (under ‘Conduct Research’).

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