New! JSTOR for Alumni

jstor_logo_mediumThe Library and Alumni Relations are happy to announce that we have been able to arrange access to JSTOR for Marlboro College alumni.

One of the most frequent questions that the library gets from soon-to-be and recent graduates is “How much longer will I have access to library databases?” Up until now, we’ve had to answer that shortly after graduation, your access disappears. This is because our license agreements with publishers only permit us to allow access to current students, faculty, staff, and people physically on campus.

Recently, however, one of our most popular database providers, JSTOR, announced a new program whereby colleges and universities can add on to their existing subscriptions and provide access to alumni — wherever they may be.

So we did! And now you can peruse over 100 years of scholarly literature in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences in PDF full text from anyplace with a live Internet connection. All you need to do is visit this link:

and log in with your Marlboro College username and password. (Don’t have one, or forgot yours? Just fill out this form and you’ll be set up before you know it.)

Please note that Marlboro has access to most, but not 100% of articles in JSTOR. If you find you’re not able to view an article that you think you should be able to, drop the Library a note at and we’re happy to investigate.

Questions? Feedback? Please contact the Library (library@marlboro.edu802-258-9221) or Alumni Relations.

Happy reading!
Emily Alling
Library Director

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