Return of the typewriters! Letter-writing social, Weds 9/26, 2:15 pm

Have you ever been irritated by the sound of someone typing at a computer while you are trying to study in the library?

It could be worse. Much worse. Come and see!

On Wednesday, September 26 at 2:15 pm (after Dedicated Hour), Student Life and the Library will be hosting an old-fashioned letter-writing social in the Library Reading Room (300s).

Resurrect the art of letter writing! Imagine the surprise and delight that someone in your life will feel upon receiving a handwritten or typed epistle from you. A friend; a family member; your Plan sponsor…

Many people have generously lent and donated a selection of fine vintage writing instruments for you to try out, including several models of manual typewriters from the early and mid-twentieth century; quills; fountain pens; ink; and sealing wax. If you have a typewriter, bring it! Bring fancy paper and envelopes if you have them; we’ll have some on hand, too.

There will be snacks, tea, soda in little glass bottles, and a fine selection of vinyl (pre-Beatles) to provide musical accompaniment.

If you’d like inspiration before sitting down to inscribe or type a letter, try these links:

No RSVP necessary, handwritten or otherwise. Just come with your friends for an afternoon of epistolary fun. We will wrap things up by 4:15 pm, at which time the Reading Room will turn back into a sanctuary for reading, reflecting, and blessedly quiet laptop typing.

Thanks to Amherst College for the original idea for this event

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