Welcome back! and some important changes to the library

photo courtesy themaxsons http://www.flickr.com/photos/themaxsons/6122247978/

As of this morning, all four entrances of the library are thrown open and we are ready to receive you, our beloved bookworms (and tech-worms).

Some things to know:

  • During the first week or two of the semester, evening staff hours at the library may be spotty as our student assistants are hired, trained, and work out their schedules. You can count on someone being here between 8:30 and 4:30. If you want to call before coming up to use the Reserve Room, borrow a DVD, etc. in the evening, just dial x221 (802-258-9221).
  • DVD cases are still on the shelves, but they are now empty. To borrow a DVD, bring the empty case to the Service Desk; we’ll retrieve the disc and check it out to you.
  • You’ll notice a newly constructed area in the reference room: the Galbraith Collection. This is the personal library of John Kenneth and Catherine Atwater Galbraith, donated by their son Peter (a Marlboro trustee). We are still working on processing this collection and creating a comfy nook in that space. For now, these books do not circulate: feel free to browse and read them, but please put them back on the shelf when you are done. There will be a dedication ceremony for this collection on November 4: stay tuned for more details.

We are very excited to welcome you, or welcome you back, to Marlboro. Best wishes for a wonderful fall semester.