Vote for some fun things for the library to buy

David Pierce was a Marlboro College student whose death on October 1, 2003 shocked and saddened the entire community, Many on campus still have fond memories of David, and a bench and apple tree outside of the library commemorate his life and time at Marlboro.

David’s family established a fund for the library to purchase items that are not necessarily for academic purposes, but rather for fun. Think graphic novels, movies, TV series, current popular fiction….

Each year, the library buys a few more items using the fund established in his memory. This year, we are asking for your help in choosing what to buy.

Between now and 8:30 am on Monday, 9/26, email (or call, or stop by, or comment below…) with the titles of any movies, books, graphic novels, or other items you’d like the library to add. Remember: fun, not work (though the two aren’t always mutually exclusive!).

On Monday, we’ll make a list of all your suggestions, then put them to a vote. Students will be emailed a link to a survey; voting will be open through the end of the day on Friday, September 30. When voting is over, we’ll rank the selections, start buying with the top vote-getter, and continue down the list as far as we can.

In the meantime, stop by the library to see some of the items that have been bought with David’s fund in past years. They’re on display on the entrance level, across from the Service Desk. You can also find them in the library catalog, where they are tagged “David Pierce Fund.”

Emily Alling
Library Director

Banned and Challenged Books Read-out: Friday, September 16, 1:30 pm

To the Community,

We need your voices!

Come observe Constitution Day (Friday, September 16) in the library. In honor of the library’s favorite constitutional amendment (the 1st), we will be hosting a Banned and Challenged Books Read-out in the Reading Room (300s) at 1:30 pm.

We are looking for volunteers to read selections from banned and challenged books. We’ve made a list in our library catalog of some books that we own that have been banned or challenged in the United States; you can view it at:

What we’re asking:

1. Choose a book from the list. Come borrow it from the library (these books are on display near the Service Desk — ask if you need help finding them). Once you’ve done that…

2. Email us ( with your name and the title of your book.

3. Before the event, identify a passage that you’d like to read aloud (no more than a page or two).

4. If you can, do a little research to find out when/where/why your book was challenged or banned. Information about some of the books is available at the display in the library. The ALA has compiled a list of the circumstances behind many books’ banning or challenges; you can view that at:

5. On Friday, September 16 at 1:30 pm, come to the Library Reading Room with your book. Be ready to talk briefly about the circumstances around its challenge/banning, then read the selected passage from your book.

Everyone is invited to this event, whether or not you plan to read.

Prefer to read from a banned or challenged book that’s not on our list? No problem! Just let us know what you’ll be reading and, if you can, be prepared to talk a little about the circumstances under which your book was banned or challenged. Sadly, there is no shortage of titles from which to choose.

Questions? Contact Amber Hunt, Librarian, at x579 or

New databases and more

Beyond the new books and videos that are always flowing into the library, we also have several new electronic subscriptions that we’ve started this semester.  Take a look!

  • PsycInfo : Finally!  Great resource for the behavioral sciences and mental health
  • JSTOR VI : We’ve added content for several journals that were not included in our previous JSTOR subscription (click link to see the list of titles).
  • New journal: Film Quarterly
  • Oxford Art Online : Replaces print version of the Grove Dictionary of Art & much, much more
  • Academic : Full text of market research reports from several retail sectors (primarily forGrad School MBA program)
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy : News and resources on grants and fundraising (primarily for Grad School MSM-MDO program)
  • Marlboro WorldCat : Search libraries worldwide for books, DVDs and more; results held by Marlboro are listed first. Read more about Marlboro WorldCat

Please contact Amber (Arts, Humanities & Social Science) or Emily (Natural Sciences, World Studies) if you would like more information or help getting started using these new resources.


New! Marlboro WorldCat: one search to find books at Marlboro and beyond

You already know and (we hope) love the Marlboro College library catalog, which lists all of the books, DVDs, and other items that sit on the shelves of our library.

And many of you probably also use and love, a mega-catalog of most of the world’s libraries. It’s a great way to discover what’s out there on a topic and see which libraries own an item of interest.

Well, starting this fall, Marlboro has its own version of WorldCat that we think is quite an exciting new option for searching for books, DVDs, etc. We’re calling it (surprise) Marlboro WorldCat, and here’s what it does:

Record for book in Marlboro WorldCat

This one was popular on New England's beaches this summer.

  • When you perform a search, Marlboro WorldCat will list items owned by Marlboro at the top of the results list, followed by items from other libraries.
  • For items owned by Marlboro College Rice-Aron Library, you’ll be given a link that will take you right to the record for that item in our library catalog. There, you can check on its status, call number, etc.
  • For all items, you’ll see a link to “Worldwide libraries [that] own this item.” If you click that and enter your zip code, WorldCat will list the libraries that own that item, starting with those geographically closest to you.

What I love about Marlboro WorldCat is that when I’m interested in a topic, I can perform one quick search, see right away what, if anything, our library owns on the topic (which you can’t do in regular WorldCat), and also see right away what else is out there beyond our library (which you can’t do in our regular catalog).

Of course, if you find things of interest that our library doesn’t own, we can get them for you — either through purchase or interlibrary loan.

Marlboro WorldCat also includes records for some journal articles, but it’s not the first place we’d recommend searching to find articles — try one of our research databases instead.

Marlboro WorldCat won’t replace the library catalog, which remains the place to go to see reserve lists, check your library account, renew books, and more. But we do recommend using Marlboro WorldCat instead of plain WorldCat from this point on, as well as making it your first stop when your goal is to discover what books exist on a topic that you’re interested in. We’ve updated the links on the library website to point to

We’d love to hear what you think of Marlboro WorldCat, try to answer any questions that you might have, or talk more about your research. Contact the library.

Happy searching,
Emily Alling
Library Director

New students: BOOKS AND CANDY! Sunday, 9/4, 2:00 pm

To all new Marlboro College students — Welcome! The library staff weren’t able to be here during your orientation due to that little storm we had, but we would love a second chance to get to meet you in person and explain some of the more potentially confusing aspects of our library.

This Sunday, September 4, at 2:00 pm, we’ll host a Books and Candy event at the Library Service Desk. Come by, get a sugar fix, and get all your questions about the library answered. Also, meet Amber and Emily, your two able reference librarians. (Come back during the week to meet Bonny and Sharon, our other two library staffers.)

We hope you’ve been enjoying intro classes, and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Emily Alling and Amber Hunt

Vermont Irene Aftermath information and resources

The library has created a guide that brings together information and resources for people in southeastern Vermont in the aftermath of the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene. Check it out:

Find local news sources, town websites, road and traffic information, links for giving or getting help, first-hand still and moving images from the storm, and more.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome! Just email