ebooks & Open Source Databases

You might have noticed that we have made some changes to our library web pages to coincide with the new college website design. For example, we are currently in the process of making new research and subject guide pages.

In the meantime, I want to let you know about a great, open-source service we would love you to check out: Have you heard of it? This social software tool is a way to organize your Internet bookmarks and share them with others. For the Rice-Aron Library, we use it to organize recommended web sites by area of study and degree field/subject. If you click on a bundle you can see all the tags associated with it. For example, the natural sciences bundle has 14 tags under it including biology, ecology, physics, etc. If you click on one of those tags, it will show you all the sites the library thinks you will find useful for that subject. This service will grow over time, so check back often! Also, if you have used any useful sites please email them to me ( and I will add them. 

There are two bundles I want to highlight. One is the open source databases bundle. These sites are online indexes to journals, some of which include free full-text. These are great resources to find citations to useful articles. You can then search our holdings to see if we have the full-text for that article or request them via ILL

I have also created an ebook bundle. This bundle currently includes links to 13 sites that provide free online books. The best thing is that none of these sites violate copyright. I have included ebrary in these links – if you are off-campus you will not be able to access it this way – for access off-campus go to the library's site and click on the link on the main page. (This will connect you via the proxy server.)

 To view the library's account, go to the library's main page and click on  Useful Web Resources.

Need Research Assistance?

Just a friendly reminder Cool that appointments are available with professional research librarians (James Fein & Kathleen Packard) to help you maximize your time and effort conducting research and finding relevant resources.  Simply stop in, call or email and we will be happy to schedule a one on one research consultation.  These sessions are mutually beneficial and actually quite fun.  We offer a money back guarantee that the time you invest in meeting with us will utlimatley save you hours of time searching in vain. Surprised