Debunking the Myth of Bookless Summers

Due dates have changed! As of yesterday afternoon, all books checked out are due on the 2nd of September. This means two things: YES you can check books out for the summer if you'll return in the fall, and YES you will need to renew the things you checked out before yesterday if you want to keep them over the summer. Here are several ways to renew an item:

– bring it to any librarian, and she will do it

– visit, email, call, or write to any librarian saying you'd like it renewed, and she will do it

– visit, email, call, or write to any librarian asking how you can renew it yourself, and she will show you how to do it

– log in to your account via the library catalog and do it yourself (if you don't already have a PIN or have forgotten it, or have forgotten how to use it: visit, email, call, or write to any librarian, and she will help you out!)

Check out (meaning "ogle") the displays in the library lobby for summer reading ideas, and check out (meaning "type in your user ID, then wave book under scanner until it beeps") the books themselves before wandering off with them. Please!

Peace and chocolate,



Spring Rapid Reviews May 8th!

Here is a sample of the fifty-seven books that will be discussed at Rapid Reviews at 3:30 on Thursday, May 8 in the AppleTree lecture room. What better way to spend part of a “reading day” than to hear students Elizabeth Hull, Seth Bowman, Georgios Tsangaris and staff and faculty members Amer Latif, Radka Ballada and Ping Jiang review some of their favorite books each in a minute or less. That means you’ll get to hear about 57 books in 57 minutes! All the books reviewed will be available at the event to check out. Milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies will be served.

Recent books from my library

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You can click on the title to find out more about each book. If you want to find more books that will be reviewed, click on mylibrary and search our books by the tag rapidreviews2. Come to the event to receive a full list of books that will be reviewed!