Van Trip to UMass Library

On Saturday, March 8th the library will sponsor a van trip to the UMass library.  The van will leave the dining hall at 10am and return in time for dinner (5:30pm).  There will be seven seats available for students, faculty and staff.  In order to be guaranteed a seat, sign up on the sheet on the counter in the library. 

While you won't be able to sign books out of the UMass library (unless you are a resident of Massachusetts)  you can ILL items after returning to Marlboro.  Pick up some ILL forms before you go so you can get all the citation information while you're there.  Remember that it takes up to two weeks for ILL's to arrive, so that means if you get them in before break, the books will be here by the time you come back!

 This is your chance to spend some time with the books or articles you think you need to see which ones you really want!





The Rice-Aron Library Zine Collection
Thanks to two hardworking students, the library now has a small collection of print Zines. They are located on the first floor (middle level) of the library on the shelves by the main room. The collection includes Zines that are personal, political, etc., including several Marlboro originals. These Zines are currently not in the catalog and are for library use only. For the complete list, go to the library's web page: Zines

What is a Zine?
A Zine is a non-commercial publication of original or "cut-and-paste"/appropriated material with a small circulation. Zines can also be Internet based, called eZines. See: The Book of Zines definition as well as their comprehensive list of print and e-zines, etc.

Are you a Zine Creator/Enthusiast?
If you currently have a print Zine and would like to get a wider audience than the Hill, the web site will let you upload (publish) your Zine to the Internet. This site lists their Zines by subject as well as alphabetically and has an active online community of Zine readers.


The Thursday Night Report on Sunday Evening Hours

A couple of weeks ago I noted that "regular semester hours WILL resume at 9:00 pm on Sunday [27th January]." This has been true, and in fact will continue to be true; however, regular Sunday evening hours are about to CHANGE!

Starting this Sunday, the 17th, the service desk will be staffed from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Hopefully this will not pose too great an inconvenience for users of reserve materials (though if it does, you might want to rethink your study habits) or spontaneous watchers of Sunday-night movies, who must henceforward be spontaneous just one hour earlier…


Happy Valentine's Day!


Library Honor Code

Today in the Whittemore Theater during the dedicated hour (1-2pm), the library staff and comittee will be facilitating a discussion on the library honor code system. We will begin with a funny skit created by the library comittee followed by a short presentation by Radka. Afterwards, we will open up the room to the discussion.

There will be a raffle with cool prizes as well as refreshments!

This is your chance to help draft a library honor code for the community, give suggestions for making our current system work, etc.

If you have questions, Radka is the primary contact for this.

We hope to see you there!

Library Director Search

The library director search is happening on campus over a three week period.

Last week Radka announced at Town Meeting that our first candidate was on campus, and invited everybody to meet him and attend his presentation. Thank you to all who did.

We encourage you to meet the next two candidates and see their presentations.
The second candidate will be on campus this Friday (February 8th) and the third candidate next Wednesday (February 13th) .

They each have the same schedule:

8am breakfast in the dining hall
10:30am Tour of campus
11:45am Lunch with community members
3:30-4pm Public Presentation (Whittemore Theater Feb. 8th, Appletree Feb. 13th)
4-4:15pm Q&A

 ***Update: the third candidate will not be on campus 2/13. They have withdrawn their application. For more information, please ask Radka or other members of the search committee. ***